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Worker Line

Just like all Aluforce product lines the Worker Line features one of the most stable and at the same time lightest hulls on the market. The Worker Line boats are extremely low maintenance and are mostly used as "work boats".  They can be equipped with a ramp hatch in the bow and are available in different sizes and loading capacities. All Worker Line models are available in two different hull shapes, with and without keel, in order to be able to sail in very shallow waters. The type of superstructure, whether with console or cabin, is also freely selectable. The deck layout and superstructure can be customized according to the customer's wishes.

Customisation of AluForce boats

Customisation of AluForce boats

A practical deck washing system, sonar brackets, solid rubber fenders, the obligatory bow ramp for transporting heavy loads – or simply auxiliary heating, bathroom and pantry kitchen for even more comfort: our AluForce boats can be individually configured and fitted out for all needs (of a commercial or private nature).

Have we caught your interest?

Buying an aluminium boat: we will advise you personally to help you find the right type of boat for your requirements and will be happy to realise your individual wishes.

Overview of all Worker Line Boats

Overview of all boats

In addition to all the advantages guaranteed by using aluminium as a building material, the aluminium boots from the AluForce boatyard also display other quality features as demonstrated by our Worker Line.

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Why Aluminium?

Why aluminium?

Durable, lightweight and sustainable – there are goods reasons why aluminium has established itself as a boat building material. AluForce boats are built exclusively of aluminium AlMg4.5, a very strong, stainless and seawater-resistant alloy of aluminium and magnesium. With their excellent stress resistance and ride properties, they are also much less costly to maintain than wooden, steel or GRP boats.