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This is AluForce

In addition to all the advantages of aluminium compared to the disadvantages of other commonly used materials such as GRP, wood or steel, the safe, practical and beautifully designed aluminium boats from the AluForce boatyards – depending on the type – impress with their spaciousness and comfortable cabin furnishings.

Our passion

Our Passion

We are driven by the desire to provide boats for every type of use and for personal requirements in terms of design and function. At the AluForce boatyard in the Baltics and China, expertise teams up with passion: our highly qualified, experienced engineers and boat builders produce customised aluminium boots that excite our customers with their strength, low maintenance and sustainable modern design.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

The aluminium-magnesium alloy is strong and does not rust. Unpainted boats require no paint maintenance. Slight damage can be remedied by popping out dents or by welding.

Retains it value


On the second-hand market, aluminium boats go for above-average prices, whereas the resale value of GRP or plastic boats is much lower.



Although much lighter than glass fibre-reinforced plastic, aluminium is nevertheless much stronger. Plus: aluminium is non-flammable and very resistant to heat, sun and chemicals.

Have we caught your interest?

Buying an aluminium boat: we will advise you personally to help you find the right type of boat for your requirements and will be happy to realise your individual wishes.

Freedom out on the water

With its wide-open spaces, the power of the waves or its tranquillity, the sea has many different ways to help us to forget our everyday routine while also giving us the feeling of setting – and occasionally resetting – our own course.

Why aluminium?

Why aluminium?

Being easy to form, this lightweight yet extremely rugged material enables a boat design that combines modern simplicity with top quality craftsmanship. Using sustainable aluminium as a building material enables an outstanding combination of functionality and comfort.