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Aluminium boats from the AluForce boatyard

Fishing boats for angling trips, generously dimensioned luxurious family cruisers, sleek speed boats or models with offshore-capability for commercial use – the design of all our aluminium boats fulfils all criteria for a wide variety of uses in all kinds of waters.

This is AluForce

This is AluForce

Expertise and passion – at our AluForce boatyard in the Baltics, highly qualified, experienced engineers and boat builders are dedicated to the production and continuing development of our aluminium boats. New ideas, special versions and customisations are realised in exclusive craftsmanship.



For decades now, lightweight, stainless and sustainable aluminium has played a major role in shipbuilding. The reason: aluminium boats impress with their above-average life expectancy.



AluForce boats are designed with the greatest possible focus on safety: all hull joints are welded, and the boats feature unsinkable inner linings and dependable protection thanks to the high grab rail.



Due to their low weight, aluminium boats reach a much higher speed than wooden, steel or GRP boats with the same motorisation. Inexpensive: that also has an impact on fuel consumption.

Have we caught your interest?

Buying an aluminium boat: we will advise you personally to help you find the right type of boat for your requirements and will be happy to realise your individual wishes.

Our top AluForce boats

Our top AluForce boats

In addition to all the advantages guaranteed by using aluminium as a building material, the aluminium boots from the AluForce boatyard also display other quality features as demonstrated by our Adventure Line. Taking our four most popular models as examples, we would like to demonstrate the wide ranging options in terms of design, fittings and use.

Aluforce AF 610 HT Aluminium Boot Vorschaubild

Aluforce AF 610 HT

5,80 metres

864 KG

Aluforce AF 680 HT Aluminium Boot Vorschaubild

Aluforce AF 680 HT

6,06 metres

1000 KG

Aluforce AF 710 Aluminium Boot Vorschaubild

Aluforce AF 710

6,51 metres

1150 KG

Aluforce AF 820 Aluminium Boot Vorschaubild

Aluforce AF 820

7,54 metres

1650 KG

Why aluminium?

Why aluminium?

Durable, lightweight and sustainable – there are goods reasons why aluminium has established itself as a boat building material. AluForce boats are built exclusively of aluminium AlMg4.5, a very strong, stainless and seawater-resistant alloy of aluminium and magnesium. With their excellent stress resistance and ride properties, they are also much less costly to maintain than wooden, steel or GRP boats.