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Fishing boats for angling trips, generously dimensioned luxurious family cruisers, sleek speed boats or models with offshore-capability for commercial use – the design of all our aluminium boats fulfils all criteria for a wide variety of uses in all kinds of waters.

AluForce Boats build with passion.

Expertise and passion – at our AluForce boatyard highly qualified, experienced engineers and boat builders are dedicated to the production and continuing development of our aluminium boats. New ideas, special versions and customisations are realised in exclusive craftsmanship.



Both on the water and on a trailer, the fuel consumption of aluminium boats is far less than that of GRP boats.


AluForce boats weigh around a quarter to a third less than conventional plastic boats.


Aluminium can be 100 percent recycled. Being extremely economical and having a good cost-benefit ratio, aluminium is a much sought-after material and is becoming increasingly interesting as an investment.


Being constantly coated in a layer of oxide, aluminium is very corrosion-resistant in normal atmospheric conditions. A property that is especially convincing where salt-water is concerned.


Although much lighter than glass fibre-reinforced plastic, aluminium is nevertheless much stronger. Plus: aluminium is non-flammable and very resistant to heat, sun and chemicals.

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AluForce Boats for every usage

Our boats are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. The material aluminum is suitable for almost all uses, from fishing boats to coast guard vessels. AluForce boats for every purpose.

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Why you should go with AluForce Boats.

For decades, aluminum has proven itself in shipbuilding. Aluminum boats exhibit an above-average lifespan.

AluForce boats are exceptionally lightweight, achieving significantly higher speeds than conventional boats made of wood, steel, or fiberglass, all while consuming less fuel.
At AluForce, our utmost priority is safety. That's why all hull connections are welded, the interior lining is made of virtually unsinkable Styrodur, and the high railing provides protection against man overboard scenarios.

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Explorer, Catamaran, Worker and Fisher Line. Discover all of our modells for every use.

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